Jan and Karen den Haan
Nieuweweg 21a
2675 BD Honselersdijk
The Netherlands
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Comb. Den Haan; the legend continues

The toppers of the 2013 season

The Dutch super team of Jan & Karen Den Haan became a household word in International pigeon racing. The shock was therefore huge, when Jan den Haan died in March 2013. From all parts of the world sympathies came in and they strengthened Karen to continue Jan’s life work … with Karen’s so characteristic enthusiasm she had a top young bird season, winning 4x 1st prize including 1st provincial from 9,003 birds … Jan might not be amongst us anymore; the legend Den Haan continues!

A greater tribute to Jan Den Haan was not possible than the victory of the blue hen ‘Remember Me’ on a July’s day in 2013. She won the provincial Wolvertem race against 9,003 birds – the first victory of four in 2013 … and that of only 8 races. Karen den Haan proved her quality in keeping up Jan’s work and leading the supreme pigeon family to new highlights. Winning is the special trademark of the Den Haan pigeons … they have been doing it around the world for many years and in 2013 again they showed their best.

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Jan den Haan

Karen den Haan

Karen den Haan